Consulting & Construction

North Country Surveying, Inc. is diversified and experienced in it’s ability to offer consulting services covering many areas and types of services.

Consulting is a broad term and includes many types of services that we can provide for our clients based on their needs. Some of these services include: Assessor’s Plats, Expert Witness, Land Use Planning, Development Planning, Mapping, Topographic Surveys and Mapping, Flood Plain Survey Work, Geodetic Control Surveys, Air Photo Control Surveys, Public Land Survey Corner Recovery, Restoration and Mapping, Inspection Services, Project and Contract Administration, and more. Some of these are discussed and explained further below.

Land Use Planning, Development Planning
We have worked with clients to plan out diverse land uses for various properties. This includes subdivision planning with varied uses including commercial, residential and industrial. Some unique developments have been accomplished under the condominium laws.
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Assessor’s Plats
In Wisconsin, Assessor’s Plats are used to rectify different types of land description and title problems. We consult with municipalities that are considering authorizing an Assessor’s Plat to determine the boundaries of what should be included. We have extensive experience in conducting Assessor’s Plats in this part of the state. Often the success of an Assessor’s Plat is dependent on the skill of the surveyor conducting the negotiations to resolve the issues encountered.
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Expert Witness Services
When needed by our clients, we provide testimony for court cases and depositions. We can work with your attorney to analyze the land surveying aspects of a court case. By meeting with the attorney, we can make sure that they understand the details of the survey aspects of a case.

We provide CAD and digital mapping services.

Construction Staking
We have done many types of construction layout surveys for buildings, bridges, highways, and streets. This has en done for private, commercial, municipal and industrial
clients. We have worked with contractors to provide innovative special services to streamline their projects.

Topographic Surveys
Many construction projects need a site map for planning prior to construction. We have consulted with clients, architects and engineers to provide this information for planning. We can provide 3 Dimensional digital models of the terrain.
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Flood Plain Surveys
We have many years of experience working with Flood Plain Issues for properties. Survey work can determine if portions of a property fall in a Special Flood Hazard Area. We work with landowners and contractors to determine what needs to be done for construction in these areas. Filling for construction on a flood plain area will require special services including evaluation for the Endangered Species Act and a CLOMR-F prior to placing fill, if you want to have the structure exempt from Flood Insurance. Once construction is completed, we perform survey work to certify that the requirements have been met and to remove the structure from the flood plain if warranted. For existing structures, we perform the work to complete a number of FEMA specified procedures including: Flood Plain Determination, Elevation Certificate, LOMA, and LOMR-F.
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Geodetic Control Surveys
We perform surveys to establish high precision monument points for various applications. We have done surveys that provide the basis for county wide Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This type of work is submitted to NGS (National Geodetic Survey) for inclusion in the national registry of high precision survey markers. This type of work is done at airports to provide PACS and SACS or primary and secondary airport control surveys.

Air Photo Control Surveys
When photogrammetry or LIDAR is used to map land, control surveys are done to provide a foundation for maps that are created. These techniques are used to provide topographic maps of large areas. We have experience in procuring these services, working with the air photo companies and providing the control necessary for a successful project.

Public Land Survey Corner Recovery, Restoration and Mapping We have many years of experience in the recovery of Public Land Survey corners. In our area, the Public Land Survey was conducted in the 1850’s by the Federal government for the purpose of preparing the land for homesteading. Corner monuments (usually wood posts) were set at section and quarter section corners. These corners form the square mile sections that you seen in a plat book and are the foundation of our the land ownership system in our sectionalized land system. Land patents were issued based on these corners and they are still the same corners today. All land descriptions are tied to these corners directly or indirectly.

Inspection Services
In the construction process, it is often advisable to perform an inspection of the work that has been completed to determine if it meets the required specifications. We can provide this for our clients and can perform measurements to insure that tolerances have been met.

Project and Contract Administration Services
We have experience in overseeing the development of a contract, selection of a contractor, and performing contract administration for various projects.

Personal Representation/ Agent Services
Sometimes our clients need representation or an agent for various situations. We can perform these roles in meetings or negotiations.

Please contact us if you have a situation that isn’t addressed by the above services.